Thursday, May 27, 2010

Because Every Little Bit Helps

I've become alarmed at the ever growing hatred of our Mexican and/or Hispanic community. In the past, I was well aware of racial discrimination, having even felt its sting on a personal level, but quite complacent and unpreoccupied with the status quo. I considered that even bigots had a right to their personal opinions- to each his own. But things are quickly spiraling out of control, and if allowed to remain unchecked, it won't be long before we hear of even more violence and killings associated with the current state of affairs.

But, truthfully, who am I kidding? More than anything I am concerned for my Grandchildren's future. I am now an Abuelita and that changes everything for me. I still dream of a world without racial discrimination and biases, but I am well aware that unless I too become involved in whatever degree is possible within my means, those hopes will surely disappear. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, I too dream of a day when my children will not be judged by the color of their skin.

As a result of those concerns, I have created this site, which will basically be a compilation of blog links to sites of activists and people concerned with this sad state of events. If you wish to add something positive and helpful, please do let me know. I strongly believe that together in an unified effort, we can change things, even if it's one word, one sentence at a time. I really must give a thumbs up to Vivian Nelson Melle whose web site True Mexican inspired me to speak out and add my voice to the many who may just be coming out of a deep sleep. She has several very inspirational blogs, all full of information which we should take heed to not ignore.

And so without further ado, I add this new little grain of sand to a rapidly growing foundation. All help greatly appreciated! What has been begun, cannot be undone. A sleeping giant has been awoken!

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  1. You are the inspirational one, my dear. Thanks for such a compliment and thank you for talking part in such a wonderful movement for good. Blessings. ;)